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Join our Oktoberfest tours and accommodation and let us do the hard “organising” part for you. We take the stress away from visiting Oktoberfest so you can just do the fun stuff!

3 different London to London Weekend Tours from £259 each or book Accommodation Only options.

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So you want to experience Oktoberfest! You want to drink 1 litre steins of the local beer! You want to be served by frauliens. You want to dance on tables and sing along to Omm Pa Pa Bands. You want to make new friends and meet interesting people. You want everything organised for you so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. You want all this, but you don’t want to pay extortionate prices for hotels and flights… We can help you!

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Oktoberfest is amazing, but it can be really difficult to organize a trip to Munich during the festival period. Hotel prices in Munich and Flights to Munich sky-rocket during Oktoberfest, and it can be very difficult to know where to start. That’s where we come in, we will organize your transport and accommodation in Munich, and we will do it at fantastic prices!

munich beer festivalAt Pillow we have been organizing packages to Oktoberfest since 2008 and over 650 people a year travel to this amazing event with us. We know where you want to be located and we know what you want to see and experience, so let us do the hard work and you can just sit back and enjoy the festival.

You can choose between a number of London to London Oktoberfest coach tours over each weekend of the festival, or you can make your own way to Munich and choose an accommodation only option and stay with us for as long as you like.

All of our tours include camping accommodation at Camping Thalkirchen which is a permanent campsite with toilets and showers, situated just 3 miles from the Oktoberfest grounds (just three stops away on the Munich underground system).

Our Oktoberfest accommodation includes camping in 3 man pre-erected tents for two people, including airbeds so you just need to bring a sleeping bag. You can also upgrade to our “Premium Camping” where we include your bedding!

You also get a cooked breakfast each morning (Sausage, Bacon, Beans, Eggs etc) and our local ground crew are always on hand to answer any questions you have about the festival. Our tour leaders and ground crew are packed full of information, hints and tips so you can really get the most out of your Oktoberfest experience.

The Munich Beer Festival is amazing! Imagine a large central Munich park transformed into a massive party ground with 14 huge beer halls and large scale amusement park. Six million people visit Oktoberfest each year, most are dressed in traditional Lederhosen or Dirndl. Over the 16 days of the festival visitors will drink over 4 million litres of beer and eat over half a million roast chickens.

Most will wake up with a sore throat from “singing along with the Oompah bands”, nothing to do with the beer of course.

Click Here for details about our 6 Day Opening Weekend Coach & Camping Tour (17 to 22 Sept 2015)

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Click Here for details about our 6 Day Closing Weekend Coach & Camping Tour (1 to 6 Oct 2015)

Click Here for details about our Accommodation Only Options (17 Sept to 5 Oct 2015)

Pillow Oktoberfest Testimonials from people like you!!

Sarah Hix TestimonialIn three words Pillow really made my Oktoberfest experience easy, care-free and crazy!!! I was only required to bring an outfit, a sleeping bag and a great attitude, everything else was done for me. The tents were pitched and airbeds all pumped. After each crazy day and night we were treated to a hangover cure of bacon, eggs and that vital OJ before grabbing a shower and doing it all again. I will be there again with Pillow this year because the staff were always on hand to direct you to the camp site after a big day, pump up your airbed after a rough night or just offer a good yarn when you’re dying in the morning!! Well done Pillow!!

Sarah Hix, Christchurch, New Zealand – 2014 Oktoberfest Accommodation Only Tour



Elizabeth Tinkler TestimonialI really enjoyed using Pillow for our Oktoberfest tour. They made it really easy as we were a rather large group (8 people) but we all got tents next to each other! Our group were arriving at different times and it was great when we each arrived there was someone waiting at the gate to check us in and show us around. They also locked up our passports for security and peace of mind on arrive and returned them on departure. The bonus with using Pillow as well is that our airbeds were inflated and our tents were pitched ready for us! The team were really friendly and helpful looking after our phones as they charged in the main tent over night as well as being sensitive to the massive hangovers we had each morning! The camp site is really easy to get to and from the festival only a couple of stops on the metro line and there is a free bus that takes you from the camp site to the metro station. We took a taxi on one of the nights as we were out past the time of the last train and it wasn’t too expensive.

The shower facilities were clean and tidy the only thing to expect when you are there is that there will be waits to use them as it is a big campsite. You also have to purchase shower tokens which means the showers are timed so the line moves quickly. One last thing to keep in mind is that you are at a campsite which means it can sound like the people next door are in your tent so bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper and plan on sleeping at Oktoberfest! I Would recommend this tour!

Elizabeth Tinkler – London UK, – 2014 Oktoberfest Accommodation Only Tour


Jessica Simons TestimonialI visited Oktoberfest for the first time in September 2014, and camped at Thalkirchen with Pillow Adventure Travel for five nights, from the 20th September. I arrived late at night as my train was delayed, and met Michelle, the campsite manager, who made sure I was immediately directed to my tent and shown the campsite facilities.The set-up has everything you need – breakfast in the morning, a spot to charge your phones/cameras, toilets are close by and the tents themselves are decently sized. They also provide blow up mattresses that are nice and comfy – mine deflated pretty badly after the first night, but the crew were happy to replace it. The showers are timed and you need to purchase tokens to use them, but this is pretty common in campsites and it’s a good way to ensure you’re not stuck waiting for people having long showers.

The Pillow site is only a five minute walk to the entrance of the campsite, where you have a bar, a mini supermarket and a shop with traditional German attire so you can make sure you look the part at Oktoberfest! Outside the campsite, a bus runs regularly and takes you to the tube station where you can catch a train to the festival. Up the road from the campsite, there’s also a fantastic pub that serves beautiful pork knuckles and is very popular with visitors every year.

The crew themselves were the highlight of our stay with Pillow; they were super friendly, always on hand to provide advice, and a couple of nights we came home a little earlier than expected and happily sat with the crew playing cards and chatting away before bedtime. When considering your Oktoberfest accommodation and experience, facilities are important but obviously you spend most of your time at the festival so you don’t need to pay exorbitant prices for extravagance (in fact, around this time of year you’ll find yourself paying those prices to sleep in a cardboard box, if you haven’t organised yourself properly). Pillow Adventure Travel provides extremely decent facilities at manageable prices, the crew are good-natured and super helpful, and it’s also an easy way to meet new people, because everyone else is booking with Pillow!

Jessica Simons – 2014 Oktoberfest Accommodation Only Tour 


Danni Bromage TestimonialThe pillow guides were full of knowledge and interesting facts, even on the coach trip up there we were all being told fun stories making us want to get there even faster. When we arrived they were very quick to show us around the camp site and then gave us a walking tour of how to get to the local transport, how to use it and where to get off the other end. Our main guide Chris stayed with a group of us completely on the full first day at Oktoberfest quite importantly showing us where to go and how to get served the beer! Chris was having as much fun as the rest of us but still was ready to answer any queries or help with any issue that any of us might have had. 

Being in the camp with all of those great people meant that the party never stopped! As soon as you woke up in the morning there were people around to start the days fun off. In the evening when you got back you got to chat about the awesome things you had done in the day and finish the night with a few more drinks from the camp bar. There were a few side trips that we went on with the tour. This was great because you got to see a lot of things you might not have expected to see on an “Oktoberfest” tour, which made the whole trip even better as we had even more stories and more photos to show. Now that we have experienced what they have to offer and how great they do make the trips we will certainly be going on another with them, we just need to choose which one!

Danni Bromage – 2013 Opening Weekend Oktoberfest Tour



Melissa Hunter TestimonialI booked with Pillow for the closing weekend of Oktoberfest 2013 as a solo traveller. I was a little hesitant at first booking on my own but I had nothing to worry about – from the moment I boarded the bus to Munich from London, Michelle my tour leader and my fellow travellers made me feel comfortable. By the end of the long bus trip (which wasn’t as bad as I expected), I had made friends to share a tent with and hit the beer halls up with. The whole weekend was one I will never forget (despite forgetting some moments thanks to copious amounts of beer).

I picked Pillow over other operators mainly because of the price, I thought it was bargain. And at the end of the day, you can’t put a price on friendships made over campsite sing-alongs, hours spent at the beer halls each day shouting “prost” repeatedly, devouring whole roast chickens, striking up drunken chats with randoms, dancing on tables along to the oompah band and moaning about hangovers the next day.”

Melissa Hunter – Sydney, Australia, 2013 Closing Weekend Oktoberfest Tour


Rhys Clark TestimonialOktoberfest with Pillow Adventure was the best value for money in Munich. The campsite was the same one as all the other tour companies and the tents and mattresses were exactly the same as everyone else. You got a warm breakfast every morning and the Pillow crew are a friendly bunch who helped with any questions I had. I’ve been to Oktoberfcest 3 times now and Pillow is a great bet! Save some money booking with Pillow and you’ll have more to spend on beer! Mmm beer!




Rhys Clark- Aussie living in London, 2013 Oktoberfest Accommodation Only Tour
Matt Whiteman TestimonialMe & my friends wanted to book a group trip to Oktoberfest, and after browsing the available prices & deals, opted for Pillow’s campsite and I’m really glad we did; obviously Oktoberfest itself (nothing beats a packed German Bier-tent), and Munich & Bavaria in general were great (Munich has some beautiful architecture, if you fancy just taking a wander around, and I recommend a trip down to Neuschwanstein Castle – quite a long day-trip, but public transport in Germany is reasonably priced, and the castle is breathtaking); but I do feel that camping with Pillow enhanced the experience.

All of the Pillow crew were very friendly and welcoming (and a good laugh when we joined them in the beer tents!), they provided a good breakfast to get you going the morning after, the campsite had it’s own bar for when you got back from the festival of an evening (and it even had a beer-can vending machine if you wanted to carry on after *that* bar had closed), and I never before realised how amazing it feels to drunkenly lie down to sleep on an air mattress!All in all, a brilliant experience; would highly recommend, and do it again in the future myself.

Matt Whiteman – Horsham (West Sussex, UK), 2013 Oktoberfest Accommodation Only Tour


Gareth Large TestemonialTake three retired old men who are desperate to experience Oktoberfest and having left it too late to book a somewhat more refined trip decided on the cheapest possible way to enjoy the delights of Munich. A quick browse of the Internet led us to Pillow and unaware of the life experience we had always missed, we booked. We met outside a London Underground Station and were taken aback that we had managed to raise the average age of the clientele by some considerable degree. Fortunately a local hostelry was available and following a swift half (litre) we met Rhendon, a quiet unassuming antipodean (yeah like you believe that!!) and our coach. Apart from a heating system either full on or off it was more luxurious than the price suggested and our two extremely capable and professional drivers started the non stop journey to Munich, actually there were ‘comfort breaks’ and food breaks and the ferry of course which sold unhealthy beer!! But with Rhendon at the front time actually flew. A range of movies, a variety of games and get to know your travelling companions were excellent at passing time and breaking the ice. The getting to know you session helped me to feel more of a Grandad than I already was!! A glimpse at the photos will show you how hopelessly outclassed we were, beauty brains and character in abundance and all very accepting of us old folk.

We arrived around 13 hours later in Munich and had time to peruse our luxury accommodation where guy rope sharing was essential but a tent for two. Air bed and your own sleeping bag for the odd occasions where sleep was desperately needed worked fine. Breakfast under the shelter of a gazebo was pretty good for such apparently al fresco dining. The busses to and from the Beer festival were frequent and the tube late at night easy to use even when well oiled, Brits are determined to down as many glasses of beer as possible, it is irrelevant that in Munich they are 1 litre not 1 pint, I was lucky I had been before and knew the pitfalls, not so my compatriots one of whom was steered home and conveniently forgot the invective rained upon me and we lost the other completely (he turned up in the small hours of the morning having walked home).

The highs included some outstanding excursions to Dachau and the Andechs Monastery, the food and drink to be had throughout Munich and of course the Oktoberfest itself, a truly international event where nations collide, argue,discuss, drink and eat amazingly well and rarely if ever is there a cross word. In short Oktoberfest is an amazing experience proving that Nation can live in harmony with Nation providing they are sufficiently drunk!! The lows included my tent mate arriving at 5am, sitting heavily on my stomach and bursting my air bed (New Zealand!! But his sister was lovely) and the leaving of the unimaginably packed campsite to travel home. A long journey spent largely asleep either in our seats or anywhere else that appeared comfortable, again Rhendon was excellent at maintaining spirits.

In summary would I recommend Pillow, ABSOLUTELY, we enjoyed an amazing experience with as it turned out fascinating people to a superb destination. Without Rhendon or a similarly outgoing and resourceful guide it could have been so much less!! And had it rained it might have been less inviting to share a small city of tents in Germany, but it didn’t and I thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute. How they can do it for the price amazes me but do it they do and long may it continue. Thank you Pillow were I twenty to thirty years younger I would be on every trip to each of the destinations you visit!

Gareth Large – Stourbridge in the West Midlands, 2011 Oktoberfest Middle Weekend Tour


Tracey Clark TestimonialThe trip was brilliant and we were looked after all the time. It all seemed very organised. We had our meeting point in London and boarded the coach and a tour guide Rhendon immediately made us feel at home. He was very bubbly and funny and that made us settle into it pretty quick. Everybody seemed to get on and I remember us being sent on “Coach dating” basically swapping seats round the bus for 3 minutes and getting to know all your fellow travellers. A great way to break the ice.We stopped off a few times cause it was a long way and of course had the ferry trip too.

On arrival to Munich all the tents were laid out ready for us and the kitchen tent was ready to serve food. The fried breakfasts were nice each morning. Then we had our trip to Munich for sightseeing which was fab cause we got to see a lot of the main sights and of course Oktoberfest. Because Pillow are so organised they had arranged a table for our group which was great because it got really busy very quickly. Also you have to have a table before they give you a beer so had we come in independently we may never have found a seat. This was a fab atmostphere and my first stein or mass as they call it. As a group we all got on really well and in fact most of the people we were with are now my facebook friends.

Oktoberfest itself is amazing, providing you can handle crowds and noise then you’ll love it. You really get absorbed in the German culture and there are so many tents, or wooden houses as I would describe cause they are massive and all decorated out. You find yourself saying Prost a lot by the end of the day to fellow Germans and then the amount of food and sweets you can get is astounding. I came back with some gingerbread hearts. There is a fairground too and loads of sightseeing. It’s just brilliant. Pillow took us there and back if you left around ten pm. There are trains if you wanted to stay longer.

I think the most memorable part was having Schweineshaxe (pork knuckle) on top of a Monastery in the Andechs mountains. The thing with Pillow, is they take you by coach to all these amazing sights that you wouldn’t find yourself and probably wouldn’t be in a tour guide even. To sum up, Pillow did a fab job of keeping us happy, full, entertained and they cared about us. So much so, that after visiting the very depressing Dachau Concentration Camp they provided us with free alcohol to lighten the mood before our next location. Well done Pillow. I have some amazing photos and memories of a top holiday.

Tracey Clark – Bristol UK,  2011 Oktoberfest Closing Weekend Tour 


Marlee Hawkins TestimonialPillow was by far the best choice I made for my 2010 Euro trip. It was great value, convenient, and an awesome way to meet people before venturing off to down 6 steins each day of the Oktoberfest. Starting with a hot breakfast to line the stomach for the day, the campground was close to the festival so even if we didn’t join the shuttles home (or missed them haha), we were able to easily get back to our tents where we could pass out on our ready to go air mattresses. The staff were really friendly too.  Oktoberfest was one of the best weeks of my life…I can’t believe I haven’t been back yet!

Marlee Hawkins –  Melbourne, AU but currently located in Banff, Canada, 2010 Oktoberfest Opening Weekend Tour

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