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At Pillow we are committed to taking you to the best and most exciting festivals and events across Europe and Adventure Travel destinations around the world. We can promise you some amazing adrenalin packed adventures and new memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to sing your heart out at Glastonbury Music Festival, throw tomatoes at La Tomatina, drink Beer at Oktoberfest or fancy watching the horses at Royal Ascot we promise you great quality, well organised and professional tours at fantastic prices with like minded people. We also offer a wide range of accommodation at major festivals and events in pre-pitched tents or glamping tents, so you can sleep 100 meters from Silverstone main gate during the British F1 Grand Prix, or stay in the official Wychwood Festival campsites.


Whether it be drinking beer at Oktoberfest, enjoying an F1 weekend at Silverstone, showing off your VW at BugJam or paying your respects to WWI soldiers during ANZAC Day, we are the company for you!

Hopefully you will find a tour or event that you would like to experience and we look forward to welcoming you on board. For more information about Pillow or any of the tours, even if you just want to chat, please feel free to CONTACT US or just give us a call on 01666 504 601

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The Tours

ANZAC DAY in France & Belgium

  • Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 April 2015

The Hay Festival

  • Thursday 21 to Sun 31 May 2015

Wychwood Festival

  • Friday 29 to Sunday 31 May 2015

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

  • Thursday 18 June 2015 or
    Saturday 20 June 2015

Glastonbury Music Festival

  • Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 June 2015

British Grand Prix at Silverstone

  • Friday 3 to Sunday 5 July 2015

Cotswold 24 Hour Race

  • Saturday 25 July to Sunday 26 July 2015

CarFest (NORTH)

  • Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August 2015

Livestock Longdon

  • Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August 2015

CarFest (SOUTH)

  • Friday 28 to Sunday 30 August 2015

La Tomatina , Spain - The Tomato Fight

  • Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 Aug 2015


  • Thursday 17 September to Tuesday 6 October 2015


  • Tuesday 29 Dec 2015 to Saturday 2 January 2016